Home extension Transforming outdoors, indoors

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Need a Home extension? Lets be honest, we’d all like more space, a bigger home for all types of reasons. Unfortunately for most people it rarely becomes more than a thought. A Home extension can be extremely expensive. Having to spend thousands just for plan drawings, approvals and much more.

Not only that but it can also mean having to move out whilst the work is done. Of coarse this can be another expense.

Luckily there is another option. If you have a patio, pergola or even a carport. Ceilpro Interiors can transform these areas in to more living space. These types of home extensions can also be done to that old unused shed you have click on the link to see an example of this. https://ceilpro.com.au/exterior-shed-upgrade/  https://ceilpro.com.au/envira/shed-upgrade/

Doing a home extension using what you already have as the base frame cuts out the huge cost. It also gives you the basic idea of how much space you will gain, making the planning much easier.

Depending on what the home extension is to be used for will determine whether you need council approval or not.

Follow the next link to see how  Ceilpro Interiors transformed this huge pergola in to extra living space, all in 6 days.


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