Granny Flat

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Need a Granny Flat built? For some people its the chosen option, for others it may be the only option. Building a Granny Flat on your property can be a huge investment, but at the same time a rewarding investment.
For some people being able to care for their dependent family member is piece of mind.
Another option which is becoming more common, is building a Granny flat for adult children. This gives them their Independence whilst they save to buy their own home.
Here is a Granny Flat I built recently, which was a 2 bedroom two bathroom set up.
Ceilpro Interiors took on the complete project following the slab being layed.
The construction was made up of steel framing with exterior walls lined with 9mm CFC.
Inside lining was 6mm villaboard for the internal walls. Then suspended ceilings installedSuspended ceilings.
Ceilpro also installed the acrylic wall lining to both bathrooms.
Take a look for yourself how it turned out



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