Exterior Shed Upgrade endless options


exterior shed upgrade

exterior shed upgrade before

exterior shed upgrade

exterior shed upgrade after

amazing exterior shed upgrade From a cluttered mess to the ultimate Mancave. Ceilpro Interiors converted this old unused shed into a entertaining area for this customer.

This is just one of many shed upgrades I have taken on. They say every man needs a shed or a mancave.  Remember if you plan on a exterior shed upgrade, you never really loose the shed. It will shill be there only better.

Ceilpro has done many of these and for all sorts of applications. Home gym with plenty of room for a boxing ring. A teenagers escape loaded with all the things that keep the teens off the streets.

Temporary accommodation for friends or family. or you may just want a huge open plan entertaining area. Whatever it is you want Ceilpro knows how to make it happen.

The customers plan is to add a projector screen, pool table and of coarse a bar.
The best thing about a exterior  shed upgrade is the options are endless.
It could be purely entertaining, games room, man cave, or even a nice clean dust free space for your pride and joy.
Ceilpro Interiors took care of everything from the initial on site meeting, where we discussed what the customer wanted and all the options available in regards to design and layout, product guidance which is very important with any outdoor structure.
Ceilpro also organized all other relevant trades to complete the shed upgrade.
The walls were constructed from Rondo 76mm steel stud and track wall systems. Then 18mm ply wood noggins installed for securing storage units against the wall. Then insulated and lined with 6mm Fiber Cement sheeting.
The ceilings were constructed with rondo concealed key lock grid system, insulated then sheeted.
The customer was over the moon with the result and started moving items in right away.
Ceilpro Interiors can apply these changes to sheds, garages, patios or any other weather protected space. Call today and let Ceilpro Interiors help design and build your ultimate mancave.