Ceiling replacement

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Do you need a ceiling replacement? Unfortunately very few ceilings last a lifetime, this can be significantly shortened due to water damage or Poor installation.

You may just want a ceiling replacement to freshen up your home or workplace. Ceilpro offers every option available when it comes to ceiling replacement.
The images below are a classic example of that.

In this case the customer had recently purchased the house and quickly fell in love with their new home. There was however one element they could not stand. The Polystyrene panel ceilings.

As well as the undesirable ceilings the customer also wanted to remove walls to open up the kitchen and dining area and remove the main entrance door and the residing window to make way for new double sliding doors, to take full advantage of the beautiful views of the open country fields and hillsides.

Ceilpro removed the dividing walls after structural reinforcements were completed, also part of my scope of works. Then completely removed all ceilings ready for the ceiling replacement. To save the customer money, ceilpro decided to use the polystyrene panels as insulation.
The polystyrene panels were installed on top of the installed tophat framework, Then plasterboard installed throughout.
See the difference for yourself.

Once the ceilings were completed, we set about removing the entrance door and window, making way for the sliding doors. An 8mm Sleet lintel installed to take the weight of the roof. Once again it was Ceilpro Interiors task to fit the new sliding doors.

All work was completed on time and under budget and the owners were absolutely amazed with the transformation. One thing in particular that they were pleased about was that they only had to deal with the one company from start to finish.

Ceilpro offer a complete range of options when it comes to ceiling replacement and can offer assistance in regards to product selection and technical information to ensure it meets standards.
Having a outstanding reputation for ceiling replacement in Perth, Ceilpro have a team of highly qualified tradesmen, couple that with our policy of using only the best materials available, will ensure your ceiling replacement will be of the highest possible quality.






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