Granny Flat

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Need a Granny Flat built? For some people its the chosen option, for others it may be the only option. Building a Granny Flat on your property can be a huge investment, but at the same time a rewarding investment. For some people being able to care for their dependent family member is piece of mind. Another option which is … Read More

Home extension Transforming outdoors, indoors

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[envira-album id=””] Need a Home extension? Lets be honest, we’d all like more space, a bigger home for all types of reasons. Unfortunately for most people it rarely becomes more than a thought. A Home extension can be extremely expensive. Having to spend thousands just for plan drawings, approvals and much more. Not only that but it can also mean … Read More

Ceiling replacement

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Do you need a ceiling replacement? Unfortunately very few ceilings last a lifetime, this can be significantly shortened due to water damage or Poor installation. You may just want a ceiling replacement to freshen up your home or workplace. Ceilpro offers every option available when it comes to ceiling replacement. The images below are a classic example of that. In … Read More

Suspended Ceilings

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New Suspended Ceilings for the Greek Macedonian Association in Inglewoood PERTH. The establishment built back in 1987 was in desperate need of a freshen up. My scope of works were to remove the dated existing Ministrip Ceilings and install  new  ceilings througout. The project comprised of two sections. We decided to remove the old and install the new ceilings in … Read More

Exterior Shed Upgrade endless options


amazing exterior shed upgrade From a cluttered mess to the ultimate Mancave. Ceilpro Interiors converted this old unused shed into a entertaining area for this customer. This is just one of many shed upgrades I have taken on. They say every man needs a shed or a mancave.  Remember if you plan on a exterior shed upgrade, you never really … Read More