CeilPro Interiors Suspended Ceilings Perth

Suspended Ceilings Perth

Looking to replace your ceiling? Looking to add a ceiling to your newly built office building? Searching for a reliable suspended ceilings installer in Perth? Look no further than Ceilpro. We are ceiling specialists with years of experience in the industry. Simply let us know your requirements and we can take care of the rest for you.

A suspended ceiling is essentially another layer of ceiling that’s installed right below the original ceiling. Wires and metal tracks form the base for a suspended ceiling. Once they are put in place, plasterboard sheets are placed to complete the job and to conceal the original ceiling. Contact Ceilpro today for high quality suspended ceilings in Perth.

Suspended Ceiling Installation Perth

Cornice ceilings are the most popular option when it comes to suspended ceilings. Cornice is the point where the wall and ceiling meet. It’s highly decorative and is usually seen at the top portion of a wall.

Flush mounted ceilings offer a seamless finish and look. Curves or domes can be added to a flush mounted ceiling to add to the style quotient.

Opt for coffered style ceilings if money is no object. The design is much more intricate and it can really spruce up your commercial space.

Benefits of Suspended Ceilings

The most important benefit of a suspended ceiling is that they can beautify a space instantly, effectively and economically. When it comes to commercial fitouts, especially if it’s in an older property, you may come across stained ceilings, older fixtures, poor mouldings and other issues that may not be desirable. Consider suspended ceilings in such cases.

A suspended ceiling is also perfect where you want to fit out speakers, down lights, air conditioning vents or any other ceiling fixtures.

If you are looking for acoustic ceilings or sound containment solutions, suspended ceilings are a perfect medium.

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