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Grid Ceilings Perth

Grid ceilings, also known as false ceilings or suspended ceilings offer a highly efficient solution. Involving metal frame ceiling that’s suspended from the original ceiling, grid ceilings can be installed in a variety of patterns, finishes and sizes. Ceilpro specialises in high quality grid ceilings in Perth.

Benefits of Grid Ceilings Installations in Perth

When installed by professional grid ceiling installers in Perth, grid ceilings can turn even the most unsightly spaces into beautiful wonders in not time. They are highly effective at concealing all kinds of undesirable aspects of your original ceiling including stains, poor mouldings or older fixtures.

Grid ceilings also work great when you want to add ceiling fixtures such as down lights, speakers and air conditioning vents.

As they are not a permanent fixture, grid ceilings offer easy access to wiring or pipes in the future.

Grid ceilings also offer wonderful acoustic features. So when you want to contain sounds, grid ceilings offer a wonderful solution.

What’s more, grid ceilings are highly economical. If you have a huge area to cover in your premises, then installing a grid ceiling is the most budget friendly solution. Professionally installed grid ceilings are heat efficient, sound proof and even fire resistant.

Ceiling Installation Perth Specialists

At Ceilpro, we specialise in all aspects of grid ceilings. Whether you want plasterboard ceiling, Versalux ceiling, mineral fibre tile, acoustic ceilings, coffers or bulkheads, we have you covered. We will plan a custom installation keeping in mind your building’s specifications, your budget and your requirements.

We don’t just install grid ceilings. As office fitouts specialists, we can offer the complete solution. Whether you want to install partition walls, want to decorate your space, fit it out completely, or have ceiling/wall repairs, we have you covered.

Get in touch with us today for a free inspection and quote. Call Ceilpro Interiors on 0405 149 997 or fill out our enquiry form below and we will get back to you shortly.

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